Fleurieu War Service Records

In April 2008, the Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group held a special memorial service as part of our normal monthly meeting. Members were invited to bring along items of interest belonging to family members who had served in any theatre of war.

As part of that display, the names and details of men and women from the Fleurieu Peninsula were extracted from various repositories, such as the Australian War Memorial, and compiled for presentation on the day.




Australian_Army_Rising_Sun_Badge_1904When war broke out in 1914, the average Australian bloke over the age of 17 itched to join and fight the “Hun” and the “Turk”. And fight they did – from Gallipoli to Gaza, from Armeins to Ypres – on beaches and hills, in trenches and mine fields, no matter where they were sent, they went. Hundreds of thousands left our sunny shores, but thousands of them never returned and lie today buried in foreign soil. But not a single one of them has ever been forgotten. Not a single one remains today of those who returned – but they are not forgotten either.

In 1939 when war again ravaged the world, through Europe, the Middle East, Malaysia, the Pacific and beyond, our volunteer soldiers were there again to answer the call. Just like before, many thousands left and a good number never came home.

AIF_joining_posterIn the 1950’s came the Korean war and again we answered the call. Likewise when our young men were conscripted to fight in the jungles of Vietnam, we didn’t shirk our duty. Once again many didn’t return. And on it goes – we are still sending young men and women the theatres of war across the globe – and still, some do not return.

We as a country have sent a rather high percentage of our young men and women off to fight in foreign lands to protect the rights of freedom. Detractors have accused those who observe the solemnity of this day of celebrating and condoning war. But they are wrong. It is not the war that is celebrated, but the lives of those men and women who selflessly gave their all to protect the helpless, the weak, the women and children of the free world from tyranny. Just as we celebrate the life of a loved one who passes away from and illness or from old age, so too do we celebrate the lives of the fallen today.

Lest we forget…