Library – South Australian Family History Books

1000The Fichtner Family 1855-2002Lorraine Willoughby Ed.
1001Traegers in Australia 5. Wilhelm's StoryElva Summerville & Wanda Wise
1002Traegers in Australia 4. Gottlob's StoryElva Summerville
1003Gathering of the GlassonsLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
1004Till the Soil, Store the WaterLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
1005Backward BoundHilda Williams
1008The Darby Family History, 1849 - 1992Basil Darby
1009The Cornish Were Here Earlier than you ThinkJan Lokan
1011The Nitschke Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
1013Southland Settlers - Granger and Brown, New ZealandDavid Granger
1029Skelmorlie to South Australia - the Kirh FamilyJean Wilson & Robert Martin
1049The Zinzan FamiliesMike Swift
132Gentleman John – Lush Family HistoryAdrian Lush
140The Miners from Zellerfeld - The Lutze Family History
279Peter Waite 1834-1922Gladys Hogg
290Mary MacKillop – A Woman Before Her TimeWilliam Modystack
305Willunga Town and DistrictMartin Dunstan
310Dust Storms in a China Tea CupMargaret Ragless
346Full Circle. The Story of South Australia’s Unknown PioneerEnid Sutton
365A Pioneer Family on the Murray RiverDorothy Roysland
370He Came from Ireland – The life of Rev Samuel Forsythe OBEIda Forsythe
399Stone on Stone – A Pioneer Family SagaNeil Yates
400We SurvivedWilf Roediger
407They Came on a One Way Ticket (A family history). Sands/HodgsonSandi Wild
421The Sargents – a family history 1787-1979
430Ashreigney To Mount Torrens - The Turner StoryJohn S Turner
442George Usher and Charlotte Rose
443Samuel Edwards
444From Hope to Here 1Dianne Roberts
444aFrom Hope to Here 2Dianne Roberts
449Once There was an Old Gum Tree “Herbig Family”
453I Nearly Missed You - Jack HolderJohn (Jack) G Holder
487Kilmadoch to KapundaGeorge & Mary Ann Anderson
631Thomas and Jane Rice Family History 1850-1993T & J Rice
65The Diary and Letters of Mary Thomas
68The White Family of BelltreesJudy White
680Johann Jakob Ahrns DescendantsMarcelle Edwards
681The Family History of Richard GarrettColin Garrett
682Four Hewetts Venture North 1 – A History of Charles Thomas Hewitt & four of his childrenPeter Norman
683Four Hewetts Venture North 2 – A History of Charles Thomas Hewitt & four of his childrenPeter Norman
69The Clelands of BeaumontE R Simpson
696Wegner Family History Joachim and Maria 1856-196Stanley Wegener
697McKinnon Family – Sct to Aust 1840Marcelle Edwards
699The Triumphs & Trials of the Temple Family.Trevor & Fay Frances
73The Flemmings of HopetownJaneen Brian
730Sir Henry Ayers GCMG and his FamilyLucy Ayers
733The Family of William & Emile Frick – 1991 Supplement
775The Little Missus – Mrs Aeneas GunnIra Nesdale
776The Flight of the Woodpecker – Migration of five families from Germany to SA – Kaesehagen, Specht, Conrad, Heuzenroeder, Holzberger.Raymond Specht
779The Gray MatterR E Honan
787From Now to Domesday with the WollastonsDonovan H Wollaston
795Branches of the Bartsch’s 1838-2006
799Playfords Past – Annual history Journal of the Playford Council
815The Christie Families HistoriesKathleen Mitchell
834The ShacklefordsMax L Shackleford
842Hope of the Vale – Hamer, Peacock, Thomspon, Loudon, Cheney FamiliesClive Hamer
853Jack’s FamilyMarcelle Edwards
87Murray River men – Life of George FreemanJoe Anderson
873Maretta – A Biography of Margaret Rilett (nee Fulbohm)Oscar Fuhlbohm
876Farmers: Devon to South AustraliaPeter & John Rundle et al
877A Redman Family History: 912AD to 2008Graham J. Redman
880Ashreigney To Mount Torrens - The Turner StoryJ. S. Turner
881The Mollers of CarlsruheJ. S. Turner
885Middleton Memoirs – Joseph & Elizabeth MiddletonI. Hutchinson
899John Reynell of Reynella – A South Australian PioneerL. Reynell & M. Hopton
905Across the Farm FenceMaxwell Lay
91Finlayson – Scottish Pioneers in South AustraliaWilliam & Helen Finlayson
915Eisen: Journey to FreedomReg Munchenberg
919No Feather PillowsHelen Louise Bartley
921our Story - Stephens and Byrne FamiliesChristine Chamberlain
924Bartlett Family HistoryRon Dearing
925Dearing Family HistoryRon Dearing
928Two Years Too Long - A "Nasho" in VietnamGeoff Pederson
937Hilsenitz, Kroschel, Seeliger Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
938Peters from Prussia - 1846 to 2002Lorraine Willoughby, Ed.
939The Willing Family History - Devon to South AustraliaLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
940Knowing the Noacks - Johann and AgnesLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
941Seeking the Seelanders - Gottfried and AnnaLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
942The Dorward Families of Eyre Peninsular, South AustraliaMarilyn Robertson
943Sparrows in a TreeTrevor Ford & Darryl Sparrow
944Sparrows in a TreeTrevor Ford & Darryl Sparrow
961Maretta - Margaret Rilet (nee Fuhlbohm)Oscar Fuhlbohm
972Traegers in Australia. 1. Carl's Story, 1848 - 2010
973A Family Named ButtfieldJudy Peters & Cynthia Waddle
974The Kalms Family HistoryMuriel Alexandra Wells
976The Geier Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
977The Dorward Families of Eyre Peninsula, South AustraliaMarilyn Robertson
979Burghers O' WestrayJeff Burgher
980Connecting the KernichsLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
981The Perriam Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
983Southland SettlersDavid Granger
984The Willing Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
985Greeting th GraetzsLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
986The Williams Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
987Chronicles of the Family GravePat Traeger
989Blessed to be a Blessing - an AutobiographyLeslie Walter Borgas
990The Lucas Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
992The Nitschke Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
993The Fellenberg and Kliche Family HistoryLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
994Johann Heinrich Schwarz - Settlement and BeyondEdna Bawden
996Joys in the SouthJoy Family
997A Rich Tapestry - The Story of John TurvilleDenise A. Davis
998Morton MemoirsLorraine Willoughby, Ed.
999Focus on the FidgesBetty Darby